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  Budget Billing


Even out the highs and lows of your monthly utility bill.

The weather has a big impact on the amount of electricity you use, affecting the amount you pay each month to Alabama Power. For most customers, the highest bills are in the summer, when you use air conditioning the most. If your home has electric heat, your Alabama Power bill may also peak in the chilly winter months.

With Budget Billing, you say goodbye to those peaks that can really hit your budget the hardest... because now you're paying approximately the same amount each month, based on an average of your previous 12 months' electrical usage.

The Budget Bill amount is reviewed monthly, and the bill amount could change based on your usage. Budget Billing keeps a running total of the difference in the dollar amount of what you were billed on the program and your actual usage. This difference may fluctuate up or down, depending on the actual bill amount, and is used to help determine if a new Budget Bill amount is needed. The time of year you begin the program can impact both the frequency and dollar amount of Budget Billing changes. If you discontinue the program, or final your account, this balance will be applied to the bill.