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Report an Outage

Registered Users

Benefits of Reporting an outage as a Registered User:

  • We can pre-populate forms for you
  • You can login later to view the status of your outage

Are you a new user? To register you will need the following:

  • Account Number
  • Access Code
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Unregistered Users

To report an outage without being registered, you will need the following:

Electric Service or Outdoor/Security

  • Account Number OR
  • Phone Number OR
  • SSN

Streetlights or Abnormal Conditions

  • Comments on Problem
  • City Location
  • Closest Address to Outage

Electric Service

  • Usually your main living location
  • House
  • Apartment
  • Duplex, Etc.
House Apartments

Outdoor Lighting & Security Lighting

  • Free standing light(s) on your property
  • Security Lights around buildings
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Lighting near entrances of buildings
Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting

Streetlights (Municipal)

  • Report a broken pole
  • The glass is broken
  • Light bulb is out
  • Someone has crashed into the pole
Streetlight City Streetlights

Abnormal Conditions

  • Report a broken pole
  • Animals on lines
  • Numerous items hanging from lines
Broken Pole Downed Pole