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  Report a Streetlight Outage Step(1 of 3)


Outage Information Info  

In order to help us repair the light as quickly as possible, please answer the following questions. NOTE: Please report traffic light or signal outages to your local city or state officials.

       Yes     No     Don't Know
Is the light blinking on and off?         
Does the light stay on all day (24 hours)?         
Is the light either too bright or too dim?         
Is the light completely out?         

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What if I'm reporting an outage for a friend or family member?
You must provide the information specific to the location of the power outage. Please use your friend's or family member's phone number, Social Security number or billing account number when reporting the outage.

What are life-threatening situations?
If you see lines or poles down, or see any sparks, flames or smoke, call 911 immediately.

I see a line down, but I'm not sure it's a power line. What should I do?
Call 911 immediately. Do not approach any downed lines, even if you think they may be cable or telephone lines.

What was the loud noise I heard?
The noise you heard could have been a fuse blowing. This can be caused by lightning striking a power line, or by a tree making contact with a power line.

Why would the power be out in only part of my house?
Check to see if a circuit breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown. If so, you may be able to restore by flipping the circuit breaker from "off" to "on" or replacing the blown fuse.

Do you need my name if I'm reporting this for someone else?
Yes. It's important that we have someone to contact in case there are problems, such as difficulty locating the address.

I gave you my address already. Why do you need directions?
Locating a specific address can be difficult, especially when the power is out. Your directions, including landmarks, cross-streets, or nearby businesses, can make this process easier.

What kind of comments might be helpful?
Please tell us about anything out of the ordinary, such as nearby construction, accidents, or other situations that might be related to your power outage.

I made a mistake. What do I do?
You can correct the information you have provided by simply selecting the "Edit" button.

What can I do while I wait?
Turn off all the electrical appliances you can. Including heating or air conditioning. Turning off appliances helps prevent overloads once power is restored.